Two of the Trust’s long-standing volunteers at Turlin Moor have now joined the staff . Mel Meadowcroft (left) is the Moor Community Food-Store Coordinator. Mel Lucas (right)  is the Community Development Worker.

Chris Beale, Chair of Trustees said:’ I am delighted that we have recruited two of our much valued volunteers to continue the exceptional work started by Ann in Turlin Moor. The Moor Community Food Store is going from strength to strength.  Mel Meadowcroft along with the great team of volunteers  will be a asset in developing the project further. For more information about the Community food-store please ring Mel Meadowcroft  on 0771 445 0180.

Judith Bacon, Lead Trustee for Turlin Moor said:’ Mel Lucas will be working with the local community on projects that make a difference to people of all ages living in the area. We have just received a grant from ‘Mind the Gap’ . Th project is in 3 parts; a community art project at Hamworthy Station and underpass. This will be a wonderful opportunity for local young people to work with a graffiti and mural artist . Secondly,  exploring the use of Hamworthy Station over the years (which opened in 1847 as Poole Junction and then became  Hamworthy Junction)  We would like to  establish a local group of people  to help with planters around the station. Thirdly , we would be  really interested in any stories or old photographs you may have about the area. We would love to hear from you –  please ring Mel Lucas on 0759 878 0361,