It is with great sadness that the Chair of Poole Communities Trust – Chris Beale announced the death of Ann Khambatta, the Community Worker at Turlin Moor.
“Ann achieved a lot in her life for all sorts of people. Ann fostered teenagers and provided  a lot of support for young carers. Whilst with Poole Communities Trust, Ann worked tirelessly with  the community and created a  new play park, provided  lots of activities including the weekly football for young people and supported  adults/older people with their well being. At the start of the pandemic Ann opened  the Community  Food Store, which has had a significant impact on the lives of many people on the Moor.
 The last specific piece of work I did with Ann, was Ann raising £1,000 to support a family with household equipment, whose young daughter is ill with cancer. I think this sums up Anns  approach to life, even in hospital herself she was thinking of the welfare of others. Ann will be much missed.
My thanks to Judith Bacon , one of our Trustees and the Turlin Moor volunteers who are continuing to run the Community Store.