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Our People Are Our Strength

Poole Communities Trust is run by a dedicated group of volunteers, staff and trustees. We benefit from hundreds of hours of volunteer time each year that is employed directly to support and assist the communities of Poole. Learn more about our team and why not consider becoming one of us?
Judith Bacon

Judith Bacon

Career highlights – I am proud to have worked in and around social care for over 30 years
in a variety of roles both in the voluntary and statutory sector. I particularly enjoyed my
last role which focussed on trying to reduce loneliness and isolation for people living in Poole.
As we were a small organisation in Poole we were able to be responsive to local need and
explore new initiatives quickly.

I joined the Trust so that I could continue to support local projects in Poole that could have a
positive impact for people living locally.

At the Trust I am proud to be involved with an organisation that looks to work with the local
community to identify and develop local community initiatives. So much has been achieved
in a short time. I look forward to the next stages.

As a new trustee to PCT I look forward to contributing to the aims and objectives of the organisation and to working with the other trustees and employees.

Nigel Barrow

Nigel Barrow

Career Highlights: Developing the Poole Maritime Volunteer Service from a couple of volunteers to a vibrant organisation involving hundreds of people, all getting something out of it whilst also giving something back to their community. In the other part of my career I specialised in turning around failing businesses.

I joined the Trust as the Manager of the Branksome Community Centre: Because of the challenge of making the Centre a success. I also really enjoy working alongside people wanting to do their best for their communities. 

At the trust I am most proud of: Before the crisis knowing that all our hard work had paid off, the Branksome Community Centre was standing on its own two feet and doing a tremendous amount for the community.

As the Manager: I get a lot out of helping people, the end result gives you such a feel-good factor.

Chris Beale

Chris Beale

Career Highlights: I have worked in the voluntary sector all my adult career, currently as Director of a local charity, PramaLife which supports older people and carers. Before this I was Chief Executive of Poole Council for Voluntary Service. This sector is great to work in, it gives people an opportunity to tackle what they see as important in their community.


I joined Poole Communities Trust as Chair of Trustees: As I had seen some communities struggle with their community buildings, sometimes communities who most needed them, I see Poole Communities Trust as a solution to this.

At the Trust I am most proud of: The work of the local volunteers, they really help to pull their communities together.

As Chair of Trustees: I get a lot of learning, I think my problem solving skills have improved exponentially.

Debbie Dixon

Debbie Dixon

Career Highlights: 30 years in local government both as an HR professional and  then Corporate Director. I was fortunate to have worked on a huge range of projects including  building a housing scheme for homeless young people, setting up a children’s nursery, working with a football club and young people on a project to “kick racism out of football “ to project managing the design and delivery of a Council HQ.

I joined the Poole Communities Trust as a Volunteer Project Manager: As it felt like a great way to use my professional skills to support local people achieve their dream of a community hub in Bourne.

At the Trust I am most proud of : The vision and determination that has been shown by the Board and volunteers to secure the funding  and permissions needed to build the new community hub  at Bourne.

As a volunteer project manager: I get a huge sense of satisfaction when we secure funding and this offsets the frustration, annoyance and personal slight I feel if ever a letter of rejection arrives!!!!

Andy Frost

Andy Frost

Career Highlights: I’ve always worked in either the voluntary or public sector and been involved in a wide range of activities, from helping rough sleepers and people with drug and alcohol problems to policy and strategy work. I enjoy being involved in things that make a real difference to people and communities.

I joined the Poole Communities Trust as a Trustee: As Poole is my home I wanted to get more involved in my local community. Poole Communities Trust tackles some really important issues by working with communities and developing community facilities. I wanted to be part of that.

At the Trust I am most proud: The way that everyone who’s involved whether they’re volunteers, employees, members of the community or trustees are so committed to the work.

As a trustee: The most rewarding thing for me is seeing the positive impact that comes out of all the hard work people put in.

Alex King

Alex King

Career Highlights: Having worked in the planning and development sector for over 20 years, Alex has worked on numerous projects throughout the south of England, from major housing allocations, new schools, and new community and leisure centres. Alex is experienced in working across the private and public sector, recently he has worked on and is about to deliver the masterplan, delivery and implementation document for Portsmouth.

I joined the Poole Community Trust as a Trustee: To utilise my skills and experience in a really positive way and given something back to the community and those that really need it.

At the trust I am most proud of: The trustees are passionate and giving and doing their upmost to drive positive change for the benefit of Poole and the wider area.

As a Trustee: I am looking forward to working with my fellow trustees to delivery meaningful change for Poole


Charlie Sheldrick

Charlie Sheldrick

Career Highlights: I spent two years working in Birmingham as a community worker in the early 1980s. There I learned that obstacles could be overcome when people of all classes and backgrounds work together to achieve a common objective. For the next 30 years I worked for social services in a variety of roles, where I always attempted to apply lessons learned from my first community role.

I joined the Trust as a Trustee:  So that I could assist local communities overcome obstacles, hurdles and barriers to achieving their vision for local facilities.

At the Trust I am most proud of: Being  able to play a small part in helping passionate people develop and make real their vision for community centres

As a Trustee: I get inspiration from all the people involved in PCT.

Andy Ward

Andy Ward

Career Highlights: Andy is a chartered architect and urban designer with over 30 years experience in the public and private sector. His design work in Birmingham unlocked the potential of the Bull Ring redevelopment and Brindleyplace mixed use canal-side. In Poole Andy led the regeneration masterplan for the town that helped secure £14m funding for the Twin Sails lifting bridge.

I joined the Trust as a Trustee: To give something back to the local community and hopefully make a difference with my experience in regeneration and construction.

At the Trust I am most proud of:  The values and ambition. Just look at the plans drawn up with residents in Bourne for an exciting Community Hub that will change lives and bring people together.

As a Trustee: I enjoy our trustee meetings, working with dedicated individuals and volunteers seeing how much fun and enthusiasm can grow around a well-run community centre.