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The Let’s Talk Moor project is run by Poole Communities Trust & aims to help support more community services & facilities for the people who live on Turlin Moor.


In response to the Covid 19 pandemic we have opened the Moor Community Food Store at St Gabriels Church Hall, Keysworth Street, Turlin Moor. Its open 12.30pm – 4.30pm on Tuesdays. Membership of the Food Store is £1. Our thanks to all our partners who helped make this happen- Hamworthy Church, Poole Community Exchange, Faithworks, Poole Foodbank, BCP Council and last but absolutely not least the women of Play Moor Skate Moor.


We would like to thank our supporters; The National Lottery, Dorset Community Foundation, iwill Campaign, People’s Health Trust, Seedbed, PlayMoor Skate Moor, Poole Housing Partnership and Poole Well Being Collaborative.


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In Memory of Ann

Sadly, we lost our wonderful colleague and friend Ann on 24 January 2021. Ann had been ill with cancer, but that had not stopped Ann from continuing her work with the community of Turlin Moor she had started in 2016.

We could not have been more fortunate than to have Ann join PCT, working with a group of local mums they created Play Moor, Skate Moor and set about making some real changes on Turlin Moor.  Together Ann and Play Moor, Skate Moor consulted with other local residents about the need to renovate the play park on Foreland Road. They then worked with the council to raise the necessary funding, just over £100,000, to create this: 

An image of a play area

I remember Ann tired after helping to paint the fencing but really proud with the result; this is community work at its best bringing the community together for the benefit of everyone.

And it did not stop there, with AFC Bournemouth Ann organised weekly football for the youngsters, organising at one point to take a minibus of them to AFC Bournemouth’s stadium to see an England youth match, they were playing Germany that night, a country Ann has family ties to, so she was excited as the youngsters.

Throughout the years Ann organised a series of activities for the young people and families on Turlin Moor with Play Moor, Skate Moor, from festive celebrations to science demonstrations. Ann combined all sorts of skills, being able to organise all sorts of events, being creative and Ann always ensured that everyone was included. The beginning of 2020 saw Ann conclude a consultation with over 500 people about a skate park for Turlin Moor and if the pandemic had not interrupted her plans, I am sure that Ann would be close to raising the funding for it.

Ann also organised health and well-being events for adults, so when the pandemic came, Ann was aware of the danger it posed to the community of Turlin Moor. Quick to respond Ann with the support of Play Moor, Skate Moor set up a community store: Moor Community Food, to support local residents with affordable nutritious food. Ann wanted this to be an equitable and inclusive approach, the key aim for Ann was to develop a project where there is no difference between those who can afford to shop anywhere and those who cannot.

Ann and the team achieved this, with just over 60 people now using Moor Community Food each week. And Ann made it fun as well, Moor Community Food is just as much about bringing people together as it is about providing food.

I think if you asked anyone who had the privilege to work with Ann, they would always reflect on her commitment, compassion, and integrity. Ann’s life is filled with examples of her commitment to others from being a successful manager of the Dorset Race Equality Council to being a loving foster parent. I was always impressed with how Ann always wanted to get it right for others and not for herself, even at the end Ann was thinking of others, ensuring that residents of Turlin Moor got the support they needed. Ann’s life, friendship and achievements are something to really celebrate.

To hear Ann herself please follow the link below:


If you would like to make a donation in memory of Ann and the amazing work that was so important to her, please click the link below.

In these difficult times it isn’t possible for everyone who would like to attend the funeral to do so in person. With that in mind there will be a live link to the service so that those who wish to watch the service and pay their respects may still do so. If you would like to obtain the live link details please send us a message on hello@poolecommunitiestrust.org.uk and we will send them to you.




Everyone is so proud about the Play Park. The original play park had become dilapidated and in response local residents organised the Play Moor, Skate Moor community group to tackle this. Working with Ann to consult with the community, they then worked with council colleagues (our colleagues from Environmental Services were great partners) to raise the £120,000 to make this happen. The Play Park was opened on 4 July 2019 and as you can see from the second photo it was an immediate success. Play is fundamentally important to the development of all children.


Every Thursday evening, we run a football session with AFC Bournemouth for the young people of Turlin Moor, some of whom are pictured below during their visits to AFC Bournemouth’s stadium in 2017 and 2019 respectively, as part of our programme of summer activities.


These photos were taken in 2018 and 2019 and picture some of the activity at the summer event we run with Play Moor, Skate Moor to promote local services and give local people an opportunity to engage with them. We are appreciative of the support of local partners including in the first photo: Muddy Boots Nursery School and in the second the Turlin Moor Children’s Centre, who provide free face painting for the event. 


Ann ran this initiative to support older people with their health and well-being. Several partners helped us including the Friendly Food Club and the Poole Well-being Collaborative. The first photo is taken in Derek Orchard House, a sheltered housing unit managed by Poole Housing Partnership, the second in the community café run by the Vine Church, we are appreciative of the support all our partners provide. The aim of these events was to share with the older people attending advice about how they could enhance their health and well-being. 


Moor volunteers are working with in developing a skatepark for Turlin Moor. In planning the skatepark we have undertaken detailed consultations with 635 young people and adults. We are now in the process of raising the funds needed to build the skatepark.


Here are some of the Turlin Moor children making Christmas cards in 2018, with the support of the Play Moor, Skate Moor team as part of our winter programme to support families and their children.

What’s On

We aim to reach out to  the local community, by hosting a regular Drop Ins  to provide free refreshments and a friendly space to meet. We also run Summer Talk Moor & want to support local people to get involved & create regular community activities, like regular football sessions, school holiday activities and support for local Mum’s group Play Moor, Skate Moor. You can see a list of our upcoming events below.  If you have your own ideas for an event or community activity or you would like to find out more, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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What’s On


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