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The wait is finally over ! After over 2 years of fundraising we have reached our target and construction of the new hub started in June 2021 and we anticipate the hub will open in the summer of 2022. Enormous thanks to all our funders – both charitable trusts and all the local people and companies who have made donations.

The Bourne Community Hub will have something for everyone, whatever your age or interests.

There will be a new pre-school for up to 50 children with a safe garden. A new play park on the green opposite the youth centre site was built in March 2020, following feedback from children and young people on what sort of play equipment they would love to have.  The hub will also have   brand new facilities for the youth club, plus a community café where you can meet friends or join a group such as arts and crafts. The hub  will  host  various events in the activity hall such as keep fit, yoga, table tennis, dance and sports and exercise. There are also a number of other rooms in the building available to organisations and individuals to hire that can also be used to offer advice on money, education, jobs and training and health. We are so pleased that a number of organisations have said they want to run services from the Hub.

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Our Story


Back in 2015 the Bourne Community Group asked the Poole Communities Trust to work with them to develop a Community Hub. This collaboration led to detailed discussions with the Council on how the project could be built on the site on the old youth club on the corner of Northmere Drive and Arne Avenue. After detailed discussions we appointed a local architect to develop proposals to meet the needs of the local community that had been identified through consultation.


The next 5 years saw us work with residents and our architect – Footprint to develop a design that would meet the communities needs as well as start our fund raising campaign. Our first big milestone was obtaining planning permission in October 2018, following a public exhibition of the designs. Fund raising began in earnest and we were thrilled to receive significant early support from the Bourne Big Local and Talbot Village Trust. We began all the detailed legal work necessary with the Council so that the Trust could have a 99 year lease. To maximise the space for the new Hub we needed to move the old play park onto the Green opposite the site. Thanks to local children and young people giving us feedback on what they would like to see in a new play park we were able to make a successful application to the Veolia Environment Trust. The new play park opened in July 2020. When the pandemic hit we were fearful our fund raising would be delayed . We could well understand that many grant funding organisations might want to divert funds into support to those facing Covid 19.


Whilst many grant making organisations did this , we were very grateful that others viewed our project as bringing long term benefits to Bourne. By the end of 2020 we had raised sufficient funding to construct the new Hub and we tendered the contract. Early in 2021 it became clear that our design was going to be too costly. So following some more detailed work with the Bourne Big Local and our team of architects , engineers, quantity surveyor and preferred contractor we developed a revised design. Our next major milestone was making arrangements for Little People Pre-school and BCP Youth Services to be accommodated in a temporary building whilst demolition of the old youth centre and construction of the new Hub takes place. Monday 24 May 2021 saw Little People Pre-school re-open in the temporary building opposite. Children and staff are very happy to be in their new home for the next year and can’t wait to see work start on the main site. The 99 year lease for the site starts on 26 May and demolition of the youth centre starts in early June with construction of the new building starting at the end of the month.

You can find out more about things as they happen from our construction companies community blog that you can find here.


The Bourne Community Hub is a great place for events.

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We are passionate about bringing people together.

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What’s On

We have an exciting range of events at activities at the Bourne Community Hub! Below is a list that you can browse. If you have your own ideas for an event or community activity or you would like to find out more, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

august, 2022

What’s On

Our Facilities

We have an excellent range of facilities at the Bourne Community Hub! Below is a list that you can browse and book. Please make sure that you read our hiring terms and conditions to ensure that your planned use fits with our community aims.

The Activity Hall

The activity hall is available for hire between 8am and 4.00pm on weekdays and 8am and 10pm at weekends. The hall is approximately 108 sq meters and is suitable for a variety of sports and activities which need a lot of space.

£28 for 2 hours
£40 for 3 hours

Community Room 1 and 2

The community rooms are versatile spaces, particularly suited to meetings and training sessions.

Community Room 1 is 38 sq meters and Community Room 2 is 43 sq meters and both are available from 8am – 10pm weekdays and weekends.

£16 for 3 hours
£27 per half day
£50 per full day



The Cafe

Our ground floor cafe space comprises around 62 sq metres and is suitable for social  events / informal gatherings. It is available a from 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday and 8am – 10pm Saturday and Sunday.

£18 for 3 hours

Room 1

Room 1  is a perfect size for small groups or 1 to 1 sessions. It is 6 square meters in size and is available from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and weekends.

£14 for 2 hours
£20 per half day
£35 per full day


Room 2

Room 2 is  a perfect size for small groups, appointments or 1 to 1 sessions. It is 2.6 x 2 meters in size and is available from 8am to 4pm on weekdays and 8am to 10pm on weekends.

£12 for 2 hours
£18 for 3 hours


The Office

The office is ideal for 1 or 2 people. It is 2.8 x 2 meters in size and is available 8am – 10pm on weekdays and weekends.

£12 per 2 hours
£18 per half day
£34 per full day


Our Facilities


We love to hear from the community. If you have a question, would like to hire a space, need help connecting with other people or, just about anything else, we would love to hear from you! Fill in your information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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